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4 Ideal Ways to Prevent Loose Items From Moving Around

Couple moving home packing boxes
When moving or storing your items, the last thing you want to worry about are items being damaged because they are too loose or move around. The best solution for this is by filling in the gaps of the boxes. You could purchase packing peanuts or bubble wrap, but one of the more ideal ways to fill those gaps are with items you intend on packing.
Save a little money and protect your belongings from damage by learning multiple methods for filling the extra spaces inside boxes and plastic totes.
1. Clothing Items
Instead of putting all of your clothes into a single box, utilize some articles of clothing to help fill the gaps while packing. Ideally, you want to pick articles of clothing you do not plan to wear anytime soon. To help keep track of the clothing, write a number on the box and take a picture of the exact clothes you pack.
Whenever you need the article of clothing, you can easily refer back to the image. As for packing, clothing items like t-shirts are soft, durable, and help fill in gaps in multiple ways. Stuff the shirts into holes, wrap them around items, and add a lot of extra cushion to your boxes.
Along with t-shirts, socks work well as a packing material. A rolled up pair of socks help fill in small gaps and single socks help prevent items from sliding or hitting the sides of boxes.
2. Magazines & Books
People commonly use newspapers to help cushion items in boxes, but the items may then have a specific smell or feeling to them after a long time in storage. For a more sturdy option, consider filling the gaps in boxes with either magazines or books.
For old magazines, easily rip out pages, crumple them up, and stuff them into gap areas. Thin hardcover and paperback books provide you with the ability to cushion the sides of boxes so items will not easily slide around.
3. Smaller Boxes
Layering boxes within boxes is an ideal way to prevent items from sliding around while creating even more organization for your storage packing. For example, instead of having items slide around and hit each other, empty cereal boxes provide a unique way to pack the items, layer them, and prevent damage. Packing shoeboxes inside of a large box is another way to keep smaller items organized and help fill in the space.
Save any small boxes you receive in the mail to add small items in. As you pack larger boxes, use the smaller boxes to fill the gaps and add organizational layers. Labeling each of the smaller boxes will also help you retrieve items faster and allow you to know the contents found inside.
4. Washcloths & Towels
Another way to add a lot of cushion inside of the boxes is with towels and washcloths. Similar to socks, stuff washcloths inside of small gaps so items will not slide or move around. Larger towels provide ways to wrap items like lamps or electronics.
Washcloths and towels have a lot of extra cushion so when you carry or place items down, they will not clang or bang against each other. As you pack an empty box, first layer a towel on the bottom of the box to provide the extra cushion and prevent gaps along the bottom space. The towel along with proper taping will help keep your items secure.
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