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5 Packing Materials You Need for a Smooth Move

Packing Cardboard
Before you start packing, you need to have all the right supplies on hand. Having all the supplies you need gathered together and kept in one central location will help streamline the packing process.

1. Boxes

The most essential packing supply you need is moving boxes. It's best to invest in moving boxes, instead of gathering up random boxes from grocery stores and other sources. Moving boxes are specifically designed to handle all the weight.
You will need to purchase a variety of different boxes. The exact number depends upon how many belongings you have.
Small boxes are best for small and heavy items, such as books, photo albums, CDs, DVDs, office supplies, and unopened food products. Medium boxes work well for general items, such as clothing, shoes, linens, and kitchen appliances.
Large boxes are best for items that are large but lightweight, such as pillows, blankets, towels, and toys. China or dish boxes are best for fragile items, such as plates, cups, and glasses.
Wardrobe boxes allow you to easily transport items that hang in your closet. File and legal boxes are designed for papers and folders.
Write down the six type of boxes you can pack with (small box, medium box, large box, china box, wardrobe box, and file/legal box). Then go through each room and estimate how many of each box you will need.

2. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the best packaging materials to keep fragile items from breaking. Use bubble wrap for fragile kitchen items, such as glasses and plates. Also use bubble wrap for picture frames, mirrors, and electronics.
To keep things economical, purchase large rolls of bubble wrap with around 150 square feet of bubble wrap on them. That may seem like a lot of bubble wrap, but you may be able to easily go through a few rolls as you pack up your home.

3. Heavy-Duty Tape

When you pack boxes, make sure you use strong, sturdy tape to prevent your boxes from opening up during the moving process.
The best type of tape to use when moving is shipping tape. Shipping tape uses a special type of adhesive, hot-melt adhesive, that stays sealed even when handled multiple times.
The second best type of tape to use is storage tape. You should use this tape on boxes that you plan on putting into your storage unit. The special heavy acrylic adhesive used on storage tape is designed to last for years.

4. Labeling Tape

You will want to have some tape for labeling boxes as well. Masking tape is great for this, as you can easily write on it with permanent marker. Just don't use masking tape for sealing up boxes, as it's not designed to support that amount of weight.
Washi tape, which usually comes in a variety of cute colors and patterns, is also great for labeling boxes if you want to use a color-code system. You can use a different color or pattern of tape for each room in your home and to identify which boxes you want to go to your storage unit.

5. Permanent Markers

Invest in a package of permanent markers for labeling your boxes. Make sure the markers are both waterproof and permanent so your labeling will not get washed away if it is wet on your moving day.
A set or two with different colors will allow you to use different colors for each room in your home. Or you can use different colors to write the name of the room and what's inside the box.

6. Packing Peanuts

Finally, purchase a box or two of packing peanuts. Packing peanuts serve a different function than bubble wrap. Packing peanuts help fill in awkward space around items and prevent them from moving around. This packing material should be used together with bubble wrap when packing and moving fragile items.
Before you start packing, come down to Spring Hill Mini Warehouse and pick up the moving supplies that you need to get started, and rent a storage unit for the items you don't want to move into your new home yet.