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Industries Who Greatly Benefit From Commercial Storage & Why


Storage facilities make up a huge part of the service industry in the United States, with at least 2.3 billion square feet of storage space available among the thousands of units available in different places. While private individuals use the majority of this space, many commercial customers rely on storage as well for various functions of their business. 

If you are a business owner, then you should check out what could happen if you invested in a rented commercial storage space. In fact, specific industries probably rely on storage more than others do. This guide is a short list of different industries that greatly benefit from the availability of commercial storage and why that is the case.

The Retail Industry

Maintaining inventory is one of the biggest challenges a retail business owner will face, from keeping things in stock to handling inventory overflow. There is only so much backroom space available in most locations, which means any excess inventory can hinder the workflow process and cause overcrowding. A commercial storage unit makes logical sense because you are able to:

  • Keep extra inventory nearby during special sales events

  • Store away seasonal merchandise instead of having to eliminate it

  • House merchandise during remodeling or reconfiguration

  • Create a more organized retail environment by storing extra fixtures

  • Organize inventory during loss-prevention counts and processes

With a commercial storage unit nearby, your inventory is accessible and ready when it is needed and the inventory does not take up valuable space at your business. In addition, climate-controlled storage units make it possible to store away merchandise that may need a more ambient environment, such as pharmaceuticals, food items, or electronics. 

The Construction Industry

There are multiple fields within the construction industry, but all of them have a few things in common: construction involves a lot of building materials and many tools and equipment pieces. Many owners of construction companies face a specific set of challenges, and the rising cost of materials is one of those challenges that eats into profit margins.

With a storage unit for your construction business, you can buy materials at low cost when they are available, and hold those materials in neat stacks in a commercial storage unit for safe keeping until the next project. Additionally, having a place to store materials leaves less clutter at the job site and a lower chance of materials or tools being damaged by exposure to the elements. 

The Real Estate Industry

Staging properties with furniture and decor is a hugely important part of the real estate business because staging allows prospective buyers to visualize a property as a home. The majority of realtors practice staging because it can improve the chances of making a sale. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, almost 40% of real estate agents will stage every seller’s home.

Because home staging is an important part of real estate marketing, many companies have loads of furniture to contend with every time they get a home prepared to show the public. Having a commercial storage unit allows the agents to safely stow away the home furnishings in an accessible place when they are not being used. 

Overall, commercial storage is one of those services that makes many businesses more successful and helps make certain processes easier to handle. 

If you would like to find out about how commercial storage can improve how you do business, then give our team a call at Spring Hill Mini Warehouse and one of our friendly team members will assist you. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes and we're sure we'll have one that can meet your needs.