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Storage Unit Packing Tips to Prepare for a Second Child

Family with children planning change place of residence with stacked storage boxes in old home

After you've had one child, you may find yourself preparing for another one in the future. One of the benefits of having a second child is the ability to reuse a lot of the items you had with the first child.

Reusing items is an ideal way to save money and have everything you need when the child arrives. A second child may come many months or years after the first. Properly storing items can ensure you have everything you need and the items are still in good condition.

One way to store the extra items is through a storage unit rentals. There are multiple tips to get the most out of a storage unit rental when it comes to saving for a future baby. Follow these tips to learn how to utilize the space best and prepare for your baby's future sibling.


Some of the more expensive pieces of baby gear you'll save money on by keeping is baby furniture. Cribs, high chairs, and bouncers are just a few things needed for the second baby. Taking these items apart can be a hassle, especially if you no longer have the instruction manual to put them back together again.

A storage unit offers a lot of space so items can be stored completely intact within the unit itself. Once transported and delivered to the unit, you can position the bulkier items so that you evenly spread things out and there is still room to move within the storage unit.

A plastic covering or tarp can help prevent the collection of dust over these items. The windowless nature of a storage unit can also help prevent faded colors due to sunlight exposure.


Babies grow fast, and chances are you will have a lot of baby clothes to save and a number of pieces which are brand new. Storing clothes for a new baby is an ideal way to get a jump start on a new wardrobe. You may not be able to predict the gender of the baby, but a number of newborn clothes are gender-neutral and having all of the extra clothes can help save time and money.

When packing baby clothes, you want to remain organized and help prevent a musty smell. Using plastic totes is an ideal option. These totes can help prevent dust, moisture, and mildew from impacting the smell and condition of the clothing items.

Once you fill plastic totes, each one can be labeled with the baby sizes so that the clothes are easy to retrieve once a future baby arrives.

Travel Items

Traveling with a new baby requires a lot of gear and the costs for this gear can add up. Strollers, pack and plays, and baby carriers are just a few of the items needed for traveling with a newborn.

One of the easier ways to keep these items protected and ready for a second child is to keep them in their original boxes. Travel items can often condense and fold, making it easy to fit into the original box it came in. If you no longer have the original box, you should fold up the item to its smallest form and lay it flat within the storage unit.

Laying the item flat will help save space and prevent it from falling or malfunctioning while still in storage. One of the biggest exceptions to these storage solutions for travel items is baby car seats. For safety reasons, car seats often have a six-year expiration date. If the time between your first and second child exceeds six years, you should not save the car seat for future use.

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