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All the Moving Boxes and Supplies You Need in Spring Hill

You don’t have to go far to find moving boxes and other packing supplies in Spring Hill. With four convenient locations, Spring Hill Mini Warehouse has what you need to pack and store your personal or industrial belongings. Our moving supplies and equipment are of the highest quality to ensure that your items are protected and kept safe during their time in storage. Paired with our top-quality facilities, you never have to worry that your belongings are not taken care of properly.

Tips for Proper Packing

To make certain that your belongings remain undamaged, it’s important you know how to pack the boxes you wish to store. Our packing experts suggest that you:

  • Keep heavy items in small boxes so they are lighter overall and easier to move.
  • Use larger boxes for items that carry little weight, such as pillows.
  • Fill in all gaps to avoid the box contents from shifting around and being damaged.
  • Eliminate the need for more boxes by stuffing clothing or linens in the empty spaces; they need to be packed anyway.
  • Put heavy items on the bottom to avoid damaging the lighter items you’ll place on top.
  • Wrap your breakables with purchased material or towels, clothing or other padded items that also need storing.
  • Tape your boxes securely.
  • Apply tape to all the seams and a large piece around the entire box.
  • Label your boxes clearly so that you know what they are in storage or where they go when you unload.

Contact Us in the Columbia Area

For more moving and storing tips or to find a convenient location in Spring Hill or Columbia, call Spring Hill Mini Warehouse today. Contact us through our online form or by calling 931-486-1055 for all your self-storage needs.